This set of pages and articles are describing and discussing my configurations. By configurations I mean the dotfiles for miscellaneous software and operating systems (like NixOS, or GNU Emacs). This documents comes from my monorepo for my personal tools and infrastructure. I’m trying to use Nix as much as possible for those configuration, using NixOS and home-manager. But it is not limited to this. The goal of my monorepo is:

On idea is also to try to do something like “Leveraging disposability for exploration”, aka “how to play around without leaving a mess”. I’ll try my best to make everything reproducible and easily testable without making a mess. Nix/NixOS should help with that…

The following part of this page tries to present an organization to all my configurations ; but there is a sitemap if you want to see all the content.

TODO Setup

My monorepo can be used on multiple system — NixOS and Fedora mainly, but it should work on anything that can run Nix is available, and where home-manager works.


TODO Tools

TODO Emacs


Those are work-in-progress document, that needs to be refined, redefined or completed.